Dental Anxiety

Fear of the dentist or dental anxiety are common reasons for poor oral health and complex dental problems. For many, this is the result of a previous bad experience with a dentist. At Canton Dental Associates in Baltimore, Dr. Emily Lin and our staff take time to discuss your fears, personal concerns and the many benefits of restoring your dental health. We offer sedation dentistry options that can make it possible for you to receive the dental care you need or desire while completely relaxed and pain free.

Benefits of Good Oral Health

The state of your oral health impacts not only the aesthetics of your smile, but your overall health and well being. Poor oral health can contribute to the development of many physical health issues including cardiovascular and systemic disease. It can also make it more difficult to manage your disease.

If you have been suffering with a deteriorating smile due to dental anxiety, we have solutions to help you get back to enjoying a good quality of life. Your dentist will meet with you to determine how to address your fears and anxiety so that you can feel calm and confident during your recommended dental treatment in our Baltimore dentist office. Restoring a healthy smile will not only improve your overall well being, it will boost your confidence.

Sedation Options: Relax At The Dentist

Our Canton dentist office has options for sedation that will enable you to be responsive and in control of your bodily functions while in a relaxed or “euphoric” state. You will feel no pain and have little or no memory of your procedure afterwards. Our sedation options are:

  • Nitrous oxide: commonly called “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that is inhaled from a tiny cannula placed beneath your nose. Because it takes effect and wears off almost immediately, patients can drive themselves to and from our office for treatment.

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We want to help you get back to enjoying life with a healthy smile. If you are suffering with dental anxiety, come in for a visit with a dentist at Canton Dental Associates in Baltimore. We welcome new patients and are convenient to Harbor East, Fells Point, Federal Hill and many local communities. Contact our office at (410) 675-3300 to schedule your appointment.

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