Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges An Overview

Dr. Emily Lin and her associates at Canton Dental Associates replace missing teeth with a variety of treatment options for the varying needs of our dental patients. Considered restorative dentistry, a dental bridge is an effective solution for replacing missing teeth. When one or several consecutive teeth have been lost, a dental bridge can provide smile restoration that gives you back your quality of life with natural looking results.

Dental bridges are fixed, removable dentures that replace one or more missing teeth. The false teeth, or bridge, fills the empty space. Bridges can be supported by dental implants, natural teeth, or a combination of the two. Bridges are typically composed of porcelain, then fused to metal or ceramic.

There are two main types of dental bridges:

  • Removable: a more traditional typeof dental bridge, a removable replacement tooth, or pontic, is attached to a metal appliance. The removable bridge sits on either dental implants or existing teeth that are commonly strengthened by dental crowns.
  • Fixed: the more common choice due to the many advances in materials and the use of dental implants, a fixed bridge is a permanent and secure replacement for a lost tooth or several consecutive teeth.

Dental Bridges What to Expect

Dr. Lin or your dentist will discuss all aspects of your dental bridge procedure, including expected results. We have incorporated advanced digital technology into our Baltimore dentist office to make the process more accurate with minimal discomfort. The placement of a dental bridge typically requires two to three visits.

  • During the first visit, the dentist prepares the abutment teeth, which may require removing some of the tooth structure on either side of the gap.
  • During the second visit, an impression is made, and temporary crowns may be placed. The impressions are used to create your customized bridge.
  • During the third appointment, the temporary bridge is replaced by the customized bridge and adjusted for comfort.

Dental bridges can last up to 10 years or more with proper dental care and good oral hygiene. Care for your bridge as you would your natural teeth—brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

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