Dental Crown

Dental Crowns An Overview

The Canton Dental Associates team in Baltimore, MD has significant training and experience in generalcosmetic and restorative dentistry, and has helped many patients solve cosmetic and functional problems with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are a common solution to correct discolored or misshapen teeth, or to fortify a tooth that is compromised by damage or decay. Dental crowns are a aesthetic and restorative solution to replace metal fillings, close gaps between teeth, or address decaying, cracked or chipped teeth. Advances in both technology and materials means that patients enjoy an improved experience and more natural looking and lasting results.

We have incorporated CEREC into our dental office, offering same day restorations when possible with CAD/CAM technology.

Dental Crowns What to Expect

Dr. Lin, Dr. Maggie O'Connell, and Dr, .Nicole Esquillin at our Canton dentist office will recommend the appropriate type of dental crown for your oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Crowns can be made from a range of materials, including high quality porcelain for a highly durable and natural looking result.  At Canton Dental Associates, we offer same day crowns.

Traditional Dental Crowns

The dental crown process will require a couple of visits to our Canton dentist office to restore your smile. The first visit will lay the foundation for final placement of a custom, color matched dental crown and will include:

  • Tooth preparation: your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing any decay or damage and reducing the structure for placing your crown. Dental impressions will also be taken to be used in the fabrication of your crown so that it fits snugly on your remaining tooth structure and comfortably between existing teeth.
  • Final placement: once complete, your crown will be permanently attached, adjusted and then polished for a beautiful result.

Same Day CEREC Crowns

Using CAD/CAM technology, your Canton dentist can design, create and place a high quality ceramic restoration while you wait- no need for a second visit.


The process begins with optical impressions—digital images that allow the dental crown to be custom-designed for your tooth. Using digital images rather than impressions allows for a smooth and comfortable patient experience. This also means no messy impression trays.

The dental crown is made from quality ceramic material and created in our Baltimore dentist office using the CEREC milling machine. Your restoration is typically ready in about 15 minutes. The dental crown is then polished, glazed and permanently placed —all in one visit. The entire process lasts about an hour.

With proper oral hygiene and routine professional dental care, expect your crown to last for many years.

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