Headache Therapy

Do you suffer with frequent headaches? Do you often wake up with tension in the jaw or a headache?

Recurring headaches, especially when noticeable upon waking, can be the sign of an underlying and undiagnosed TMJ disorder. Imbalance or dysfunction in the bite can put undue stress on both the teeth and the jaw joints, often leading to headaches and jaw pain.

Dr. Emily Lin and the dentists at Canton Dental Associates in Baltimore offer diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorders that can alleviate your frequent headaches while improving your oral health. Your dentist will complete a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your occlusal system, including the function of the jaw joints, to look for the underlying cause of your painful symptoms.

Treatment for TMJ Headaches in Baltimore

At Canton dental Associates, your treatment is dependent upon your unique dental health needs and personal goals for your smile. We tailor your dentistry to you for the best possible result and long term oral health. After a thorough dental exam and consultation, your dentist will recommend the most suitable treatment option(s) for addressing any bite problems, dental concerns or lifestyle habits that are contributing to your symptoms and affecting your oral health.

  • Mouthguard or splint therapy: a custom fit mouthguard (nightguard) or dental splint may be sufficient for repositioning the bite and relieving pressure on your jaw that is leading to headaches and pain.
  • Orthodontics: is crooked teeth are affecting the bite, orthodontics may be recommended to realign the teeth and the bite.
  • Restorative dentistrydental crownstooth bonding or dental veneers can also be used to adjust how the teeth make contact for a more comfortable and functional bite that does not put pressure on the TMJ.

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To learn more about how Dr. Emily Lin and the dentists of Canton Dental Associates can restore your dental health and address your frequent headaches, schedule an appointment in our Baltimore dentist office. Contact us at (410) 675-3300.

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