Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are no longer the end of a healthy, comfortable and functional smile.

The Dentists at Canton Dental Associates in Baltimore, MD offer a full range of modern restorative dental treatments for replacing lost teeth with beautiful, natural looking results. After a thorough evaluation of your dental health and a consultation to discuss your personal goals, your dentist will recommend the most suitable options for bringing back a smile that will last and support a good quality of life.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

When a tooth is lost, even “just one” tooth, a series of changes in your dental health occurs over time, ultimately affecting remaining teeth, the gums and the shape of your jaw. Replacing a missing tooth quickly and effectively can avoid these problems and keep your smile as natural and functional as possible for the long term.

A lost tooth means a lost tooth root in the jaw bone, leading to a shrinkage of bone tissue where the tooth used to be which enables your remaining teeth to shift position. In time, the shape of your jaw can change, drawing inward and causing a more aged appearance. Without proper dental care and tooth replacement, your oral health can deteriorate and affect your quality of life and physical well being.

Your dentist at Canton Dental Associates will recommend the most appropriate tooth replacement options for giving you back a smile that looks and feels natural- so you can get back to doing what you enjoy most with confidence in your appearance.

Tooth Replacement in Baltimore

Your Dentist at Canton Dental Associates will offer a full range of treatment options and discuss all aspects of each for your consideration.

  • Dental implants: we offer full services for the placement of dental implants which can offer the most natural, secure results for replacing missing teeth.
  • All-On-Four™: stabilize a permanent denture with dental implants for a maintenance free smile
  • Dentures: today’s cosmetic dentures use high quality materials for a new smile that can enhance your appearance and give you back the ability to enjoy life.
  • Dental bridges: a custom dental bridge can be permanently secured for tooth replacement that will support your long term dental health.

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Canton Dental Associates welcomes new patients from many local Baltimore communities including Canton, Federal Hill, Patterson Park, Fells Point, Harbor East and the Greater Baltimore Area. To schedule your consultation, contact our Baltimore dentist office at (410) 675-3300. We look forward to seeing you smile again.

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