Oral Health and Overall Health

Many patients do not realize the impact that the condition of their dental health can have on overall physical health. The “mouth-body” connection continues to be studied and has so far been proven to affect a wide range of risks and concerns associated with chronic disease. Dr. Lin and the dental team at Canton Dental Associates in Baltimore emphasize the importance of routine dental care for helping to maintain a healthy “mouth-body” connection.

Poor oral health can increase your risk for both cardiovascular and systemic related disease. It can also make symptom more severe and/or difficult to manage. When the health of your mouth is not optimal, harmful bacteria are able to enter the bloodstream, often leading to internal inflammation which is associated with a wide range of health concerns. This internal inflammation detrimentally impacts your health and can affect your body’s ability to fight disease. A vicious cycle of both oral and physical health problems can ensue, diminishing your quality of life and possibly reducing life expectancy.

Keeping your smile healthy through routine dental care is important! Healthy teeth and gums will provide the most effective barrier to many of these concerns and can help to stabilize existing disease, making it easier to address symptoms successfully with recommended medications or other treatments. When you visit with us for a dental check up, your dentist and hygienist take the time to look for the signs of common dental problems, as well as any oral symptoms of health concerns you are at risk for or suffering from currently. As your dentist, we consider ourselves a partner in your overall healthcare and strive to provide personalized dentistry to suit your unique needs.

Live your best life with a healthy smile! Canton Dental Associates on Boston St. welcomes new patients to our family dentist office. Schedule a visit with us by calling (410) 675-3300 or request an appointment online.

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