Pediatric Dentistry

The team of Baltimore dentists at Canton Dental Associates is committed to ensuring your child’s oral health. We welcome children into our family dentist office on Boston Street, making every effort to ensure they enjoy their visit and begin to learn the many benefits of a healthy smile.

We recommend a first dental visit when the first tooth erupts, usually between 6-12 months. Bringing your child in for regular checkups allows us to monitor the development of primary teeth and helps you and your child establish recommended oral hygiene practices. Routine checkups and dental cleanings are recommended every six months to ensure good oral health and to prevent tooth decay.

Your child’s primary teeth are important for several reasons:

  • They serve as place holders for developing permanent teeth
  • They play a role in the enjoyment of a healthy diet
  • They impact your child’s speech development

Children’s Dental Services in Canton

Early visits with your Baltimore dentist allow us to identify and treat dental concerns in the initial stages, before they become complex problems. Your dentist will also monitor the development of your child’s permanent teeth, looking for bite problems or any other oral health concerns that can compromise the function or aesthetics of their smile down the road. We will recommend orthodontic treatment when considered necessary and offer the children’s dental services you expect to keep growing smiles healthy:

Canton Dental Associates also offers comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dentistry to meet your child’s dental health needs in the event of an accident or trauma.

Your Child’s Visit: What To Expect

The Canton Dental Associates team of dental professionals provides warm, compassionate dental care in a friendly environment to make your child feel at ease. We make every effort to soothe your child from any anxiety he/she may be feeling.

The team at Canton Dental Associates believes proper oral hygiene requires age appropriate patient education. Your child’s dentist will review best practices for keeping their smile beautiful, including brushing and flossing techniques and healthy food choices. A fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth may be recommended. Tooth sealants are often recommended after the larger permanent teeth erupt to protect the areas of your child’s teeth that may be prone to tooth decay.

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Looking for a family dentist in the Baltimore area? Canton Dental Associates is conveniently located on Boston St. and is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment contact our office at (410) 675-3300.

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