Root Canal

Root Canal An Overview

The team of Baltimore dentists at Canton Dental Associates perform root canals to save your natural tooth and avoid tooth extraction.

Recommended for a tooth that is severely damaged or has become infected, a root canal procedure treats infection of a tooth’s nerve tissue and blood supply. The root “canal” holds the pulp and nerves of the tooth and is located in the tooth’s interior.

The many advances in materials and techniques have transformed the root canal process, making it less invasive, less painful and often able to be performed in a single visit.

Canton Dental Associates offers dental sedation if you suffer from a fear of the dentist or prefer to be completely relaxed and pain free during your procedure. Your dentist will go over the options with you to ensure a safe and effective choice.

Root Canal What to Expect

Root canal procedures are performed in-office and cause minimal discomfort. If the affected tooth has been painful, the patient can expect immediate relief after the procedure.

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Lin or your dentist will ensure you understand the reasons the root canal is recommended and the steps in the process. We will assess the need for placing a dental crown after your root canal to protect the long-term health of your teeth. Our Baltimore dentist office uses CEREC advanced technology to place quality ceramic crowns during your visit.

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